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Created and directed by Noel Kelly, The Mad Cows is an animated TV series that appeals to kids of all ages.

The Mad Cows comical adventure starts in Ireland, where, after being struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning, this bunch of bovines suddenly acquire various human traits. They can walk on two legs, they can talk and they even have opposable hooves. The cows set off around the country in a bus that they’ve ‘borrowed’ from a couple of surfer dudes. The bus comes complete with a trailer full of every kind of sports equipment imaginable. It turns out that most of the cows have aptitudes for various extreme sports. As they travel around learning about the human world and taking part in extreme sports competitions, they cross paths with various nasty humans who are up to no good. Using their newfound talents, the cows always manage to foil the plots of the culprits (albeit inadvertently). The inept local policeman, Sergeant O’Brien (accompanied by his reluctant sidekick son Michael) is usually on hand to apprehend the offenders.

In the near future The Mad Cows travels will take them to some well-known destinations overseas. Keep an eye out as they may be arriving in a town or village near you!

The unique theme and music track for The Mad Cows TV series was written by Irish composer, Dean Valentine.

The Mad Cows was produced with financial assistance from RTE (the Irish National Broadcaster), The Broadcast Authority of Ireland's Sound & Vision scheme and the Irish Government Tax Incentive Scheme.

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