get the Feed Dee game
The Mad Cows Game - Feed Dee Feed Dee is the first game based on The Mad Cows animated TV series. It’s now available FREE on the Android Market. Dee is a bit hungry and impatiently waits to be fed. In level 1 just flick ten food items successfully into her mouth to proceed to level 2. The more items on target in a row without a miss, the more points will be scored. But remember, if you don’t succeed in getting 10 items on target before the counter gets to zero, the game is over. In level 2 Dee’s mouth becomes a little more difficult to hit. There are also some other targets that randomly appear on screen. The more accurately these targets can be hit with the rocks, the higher the bonus points. In level 3 even more bonus points can be gained by exploding the cow head bombs. The number of available food items is shown at the bottom right of screen. If you get 10 items on target and still have some items left to spare, your overall score is multiplied by the number of remaining food items. Have fun playing the 'FEED DEE' game and keep an eye out for future Mad Cows games.


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